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About Us

Come check us out every Thursday and Saturday for some good home cooking BBQ!

Stop by in the week for our famous deli sandwiches. Whatever you are in the mood for, LaSala's Bi Rite Market is there to feed any appetite. 

Bi Rite Market has been family owned for over 80 years! John and Debbie LaSala currently own and run the store side by side with their two daughters, Jenny Leigh and Gina Thomsen. John's Aunt Kitty and Uncle Henry "Red" Ragsdale originally had the store in the 1930's. It was a full service butcher shop and neighborhood store. People always felt like they were family when they walked in the door. Many people still comment to this day on Uncle Henry's kindness and hospitality. Truly a one of a kind stand up guy!

In the late 70's and 80's Kitty Ragsdale’s sister Johanna Catania-LaSala and her husband Benny LaSala took over the business. They continued the tradition of being the favorite neighborhood store. They prided themselves on their hearty sandwiches and ice cold beer! Everyone loved to come have a good laugh with Benny and eat one of Joanna's delicious subs. Families would come in and grab something to eat after baseball games at Peter J. Ferrante park. And kids would race over on their bikes for a piece of candy and a game of pac-man.

In 1997 John and Debbie took over the business from Joanna, who ran it exclusively by herself since the mid 1980's. They really shifted the main focus of the store to the deli. They wanted to preserve the families reputation for their hearty sandwiches. That is part of the magic you can still taste and feel today. They have kept the nostalgic feel of the local "Mom & Pop Shops”, we all grew up with and love. They re-opened and hit the ground running! Their first popular special was their deep-fried calamari sandwich, served with homemade Tar-Tar sauce! Which you can still grab every Friday. In addition, Bi Rite Market is well known today for their BBQ Tri-Tip (a west coast cut of steak) sandwich amongst many other daily specialty sandwiches and their regular deli menu.

Today the LaSala’s owe a lot of thanks to their Deli manger Juan Aquino. Juan has worked at a variety of reputable restaurants around the Monterey Peninsula. His passion for food is tasted in every bite!

“We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel like they are part of the family!”-John LaSala